End-to-End Testing with Playwright (an Intro)

npm i -D @playwright/test# install supported browsersnpx playwright install
const { test, expect } = require('@playwright/test');const URL = 'http://localhost:5500/index.html';test('only valid email addresses can be submitted', async ({ page }) => {
// 前往該頁面
await page.goto(URL);
// 尋找 submit 按鈕 (Submit使用文字搜尋比較好,
// 因為可能因為樣式更改標籤或 class)
const submitBtn = page.locator('text=Submit');
// 輸入 email (可以特別寫一個專給 test 用的屬性)
await page.fill('[data-testid="email-input"]', 'asd@asd.com');
// 判斷 submit 按鈕是否可以點擊
await expect(submitBtn).toBeEnabled();




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